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John A. Martin jam at jamux.com
Wed Nov 29 16:02:03 CET 2000

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>>>>> "DM" == Dan Mick
>>>>> "Re: [Mailman-Users] Re: broadcast only"
>>>>>  Wed, 29 Nov 2000 04:21:42 -0800

    DM> Really, the issue is "there should be ways to simply discard
    DM> messages rather than shove them into the approval queue", and
    DM> this is something that many people want for various reasons,
    DM> either "posting from non-authorized posters" or "rejecting
    DM> some mail identified as SPAM or otherwise unuseful mail".  And
    DM> it's relatively easy to do such things, as I said, by hacking
    DM> a little bit of Python table code; it's just not very well
    DM> wrapped up in a UI yet.

Another way to frame the issue is to consider implementing the
recommendation rfc2369 for an announcements list,

	3.4. List-Post

	   The List-Post field describes the method for posting to the
	   list.  This is typically the address of the list, but MAY
	   be a moderator, or potentially some other form of
	   submission. For the special case of a list that does not
	   allow posting (e.g., an announcements list), the List-Post
	   field may contain the special value "NO".

then applying the principle of least surprise and enforcing "does not
allow posting" by bouncing attempted posts while allowing the
list-owner and his friends to post through the 'posters' option (in
Privacy Options).

'no-posting' would want of course he a list-owner option to be set or
reset without bothering the mailman site administrator.  Entangling
it with other options would be to the detriment of the folks who
operate such lists, IMHO.

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