[Mailman-Users] newlist or other cgi solution?

Tanner Lovelace lovelace at wayfarer.org
Wed Nov 29 17:24:51 CET 2000

Nigel Metheringham wrote:

> Finally, you need a way to tell the MTA about the list.  With exim 
> *nothing* else is needed since it all happens by magic (assuming people 
> are using the exim mailman config).  With sendmail you need to edit an 
> aliases file and rebuild it, which might need more privilege that I 
> would be willing to give a CGI.   Has anyone come up with a magic 
> recipe for sendmail?  [I know postfix can be done, think qmail hasn't 
> as yet]
> 	Nigel.

Actually, using the qmail-to-mailman.py (I think that's the name)
script, and a virtual domain like lists.domain.com, qmail
already automatically picks up all the aliases for a new list.

Tanner Lovelace

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