[Mailman-Users] Questions about scanners

Roger B.A. Klorese rogerk at QueerNet.ORG
Wed Nov 29 19:30:53 CET 2000

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Dan Mick wrote:
> > P.S.: Just before sending this message I cracked it!!!
> > 
> > Take a look at http://list.scansoft.com. It contains exactly the good 
> > intended link i predicted...
> > 
> > Who's gonna take action?
> I would, but I don't think that's it.  That's just a link to
> www.list.org; it isn't a "mailto:mailman-users at python.org".
> I don't see how you could get from that to the emails
> we're seeing (without a whole lot of clueless click-through,
> which we'll never stop).

It's definitely "clueless clickthru" and it can be reduced pretty easily
in two ways.

The first is for Scansoft to move the "ScanSoft uses MailMan software to
manage these lists" line to the bottom of the page.  It's irrelevant to
the typical user of the page, and confusing to most of them as well --
it's the first link on the page that's not to subscribe or unsubscribe, so
they assume they should click it to post a question.  Then they see the
"ask us" link on the left on <http://www.list.org>.  The page needs to
make it much clearer who should subscribe to what -- it's a low-end
consumer product, for heaven's sake.

The second is for Scansoft to fix their online help form so people don't
have to chase the mailing list link in the first place.  The link from
<http://support.visioneer.com/customer/> to
doesn't work.
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