[Mailman-Users] authentication failed problems with mailman 2.0rc1

Erin Karper karper at expert.cc.purdue.edu
Thu Nov 30 04:52:50 CET 2000

I've checked the FAQ, the troubleshooting, and the rest of the site, and I
haven't found anything that addresses this problem, so I'm writing to you
in the hopes that you can help me figure it out. If it is covered
somewhere, please feel free to send me there. 

I am running Mailman 2.0rc1 on a machine
(linnell.english.purdue.edu) running Red Hat Linux release 6.0
Kernel 2.2.14, Python 2.0, Sendmail, and Apache. 

When I attempt to access the administrative interface for several lists
(http://linnell.english.purdue.edu/mailman/admin/pwadmins, as well as
pw-mentor, owl-bwtutors, pita-l, and labstaff), I get "authentication
failed" errors, even though I am entering the correct password. I have not
made any changes to the list or to mailman that could have caused this
problem, and the password was working before; I just suddenly get
"authentication failed" errors when trying to get to the
administrative interface for some of the lists. However, I can get into
the administrative interface for other lists, so it is not a problem that
is affecting the entire program. 

I also can't think of anything that the lists have in common; the error
has happened to lists that don't have a single message, and lists that get
plenty. The lists themselves still function fine; users can subscribe,
unsubscribe, send mail, and read the archives. It's just that I can't get
in to the administrative interface to do things like approve posts or
change settings. 

I have my browser set to accept cookies. I have tried this on a number of
different browsers on a number of different platforms to make sure that it
was not a browser error. 

I can't find any entries in my syslog, the httpd error logs, or the mail
logs to indicate where the problem could be. Can you help? Let me know
what other information you need, and I'd be glad to supply it. 

Thank you.

Erin Karper
karper at expert.cc.purdue.edu

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