[Mailman-Users] Custom templates for each list

Joel Shellman joel at knocean.com
Thu Nov 30 05:46:11 CET 2000

> > How can I set up custom templates (meaning the text files in the
> > ~mailman/templates directory) for each mailing list?
> You can't; that's what we were just talking about today.  I had
> a patch that worked for 2.0beta5; I'm updating it to 2.0final.
> It's not a very clean solution, but it works for me and Harold
> Paulson.  I'll post a note when I've got the patch reposted.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. How soon do you think you'll have
it ready for 2.0final? Also, does it include web based modifying of those
templates, or just by hand on the server?

I have a client that needs this functionality, so wanted to get it set up
ASAP for them. I'm wondering if it will take you some time to get it
upgraded, perhaps I could use your patch with 2.0beta5 until you have it
updated for final?


Joel Shellman

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