[Mailman-Users] Monthly reminders harmful

Jeff Warnica jw at w3.ca
Tue Oct 3 18:32:19 CEST 2000

It would seem to me that this would drive away members who are not that
interested in the list..

If you have a low volume list (say a anouncement list only) then one message
a month reminding you of you password could be 50% of the traffic, and
therefore be anoying.

If you have a high volume list, then it would be insignificant, unless you
dont read the list:

Im subsctribed to ~3 lists related to WEBDAV, and they were all filtered
down into there own folders (yes, yes, while I am a *nix admin, I use w2k on
the desktop and outlook), my filter catches everything except the monthly
reminders I get from one of the lists.

Since 99/100 days I just delete the WEBDAV related messages easily (select
all, [del]) I haven become sufficently annoyed to bother to unsubscribe. But
then there is the monthly reminder that stays in my inbox.

But then, I have lots of drive space and a DSL line at home and receive in
the order of 100 messages a day beteween home, work, and volunteer admin at
a Community Net.

> Hash: SHA1
> I am being told that monthly reminders will drive mailing list
> subscribers away.
> Is there hard evidence or well informed opinion on this?
> Does it depend upon the nature of the mailing list or other factors?

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