[Mailman-Users] problem with directories

hans hh2 at kkre.ic-marl.de
Wed Oct 4 12:57:03 CEST 2000

The configuration of my mailman (ver. 1.1) directs to a wrong
base-directory of all my mailman-lists.
On our site (apache 1.3.11/SuSE/Linux) i configured a directory called: 
"/home/mailman" . 
The httpd.conf has set the ScriptAlias: /mailman/ 
"/home/mailman/cgi-bin/" .

My problem is:
every link shown on the mailmanpages direct to a wrong directory including
a ../home/mailman/cgi-bin/ like this

The misconfiguration produces the error, that a list "home" is not found
or "home: No such list".

What irritates me is, that I can get to pages like
http://oursite.mailman/listinfo/anylistname (with all the wrong links
inside) when I put in the urls per hand.

What went wrong?
Thanks in advance.


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