[Mailman-Users] Another odd question

Silk chris at gwydion.net
Thu Oct 5 18:20:24 CEST 2000

> >Where does Mailman keep the html for the pages:
> >
> >http://www.foo.org/mailman/listinfo/*
> >http://www.foo.org/mailman/admin/*
> ~mailman/lists/<listname>/...

No it doesn't, it keeps those in 

http://www.foo.org/mailman/listinfo/$listname/listinfo.html etc.

I evidently wasn't clear when I phrased this.

If you go to 

http://www.gwydion.net/mailman/listinfo/ you will get a standard
page of mailman-formatted html. 

If you follow a list link, eg the 'updates' link, you will see
which is formatted to follow the visual feel of the whole rest of
my site.

Where is the html kept for the first of these two pages?
That's my question. Equally, where is the html for all the
admin pages kept? That's purely out of interest, I'm the
only person who'll ever see them (at the moment) so at the
moment it's not particularly important, but I'd *really*really*
like to be able to have /mailman/listinfo/ conform with all
hte pages further up and also further down the tree from it.



Chris Naden - chris at gwydion dot net
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             - Bruno Baldwin

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