[Mailman-Users] Problem subscribing non-local users

Peggy Callinan callinma at gse.harvard.edu
Thu Oct 5 23:11:29 CEST 2000

I'm trying to figure out why subscribe requests from users not on our 
network fail on our system. We're using MMbeta2.05 on Solaris. Users on 
our network  can mail requests to [listname]-request and subscribe with
no problem, but for anyone trying to subscribe outside of our network, 
the requests appear as pending in the subscribe log and shows up in the
post log as a failure.  The requests also appear in the

The administrator can subscribe these users, but they don't receive the
confirmation request.

The MTA logs don't show any problems nor do any of the var/logs. The
only indication of a problem are the post and subscribe log entries. If
anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate your suggestions.

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