[Mailman-Users] weird help

ron phelps ronphelps at centralva.net
Fri Oct 6 01:02:36 CEST 2000

I asked for a little help and then this character  Dan Mick
<Dan.Mick at west.sun.com>
writes 4 emails collectively telling me
I'm stupid, can't read, and am a hapless child.
with absolutely no helpful information..

I wrote
> hey dan..
> don't answer any more of my questions please.
> you've written 2 emails that contained no help
he wrote...
Uh....yes they do.  You just apparently can't read it.  Which
is the problem.
I wrote
go jump
he wrote..
you can either use the information in front of you or act like a hapless

hey guys..I only wanted some help
I read the install several times
reconfigured twice
I just don't understand gid
it isn't in the index of my linux book
I think I'll keep my questions to this list vs writing to individual

very weird help

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