[Mailman-Users] Authentication Failed on install/test list admin

William P. McGonigle William.P.McGonigle at artoo.hitchcock.org
Tue Oct 10 14:25:01 CEST 2000

Yeah, I went off-proxy, opened cookies wide-up, and tried netscape, mozilla and opera(based on a anecdote in the archive).


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Do you have your browser set to accept cookies?

At 05:32 PM 10/09/2000 EDT, William P. McGonigle wrote:
>I've just installed mailman (Redhat Linux 6.2) and am getting
Authentication Failed errors trying to login as admin on the test list
(using the password I just chose).  There aren't any error messages in
syslog, mailman's error log or apache's error log.  
>Any hints?
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