[Mailman-Users] Question about Subscriber List

Jeff Warnica jw at w3.ca
Wed Oct 11 20:02:47 CEST 2000

The user table is stored in a database /mailman/lists/LISTNAME/config.db

I am not sure of the format which that is in, but its proably not advisible
to update it directly.

mailman/bin/sync_members is a helper script that takes a text file an syncs
the mailman database, addind addresses that are in the text file and not in
config.db, and removing addresses that dont exist in the text file and exist
in config.db

Hourly from cron I have a couple of scripts that run, suck out ~10,000
addresses from a SQL database, and feeds them through sync_members, so this
is quite possible. The only catch is that sync_members checks for (what it
thinks are) invalid addresses: not only does it die silently, it nullifies
the entire list. Yes when I found this out the hard way the client with 2
nullified 10k member lists was pissed.

I ultimatly just commented out the block of code that did the check.

> I hope this isn't a question which has been answered before. I
> reviewed the Mailman-users archives, the FAQ, and installation
> documentation.
> In majordomo the subscriber list is stored in a text file. How and
> where is a Mailman subscriber list stored?
> The reason I ask this is there is a group which maintains a user list
> in a Mac database. They'd like to occasionally dump the list to a text
> file and replace the subscriber list in total. I know there's a
> web-based interface to do a mass subscriber update, but I was hoping
> to do it programatically.
> Is this possible/advisable?

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