[Mailman-Users] subject_prefix and Outlook 2000

Dan Wilder dan at ssc.com
Thu Oct 12 22:22:41 CEST 2000

On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 12:54:45PM -0700, Keith Burris wrote:
> We are using beta6 to provide distribution lists for our various internal
> e-mail systems. I have noticed that the subject_prefix is rarely prepended
> when senders from our Outlook 2000/Exchange system send messages to a
> list, but it is always prepended to the subject of messages originating on
> the other e-mail systems.
> Aside from suggesting we nuke the Outlook/Exchange system (not gonna
> happen), does anyone have an idea why this is happening and if anything
> can be done to correct it?

Any idea what the headers look like, going into Mailman?

If they're RFC-compliant, it's a Mailman bug; if not, I'd
say it is an Outlook/Exchange bug.  Talk to MS.  Good luck!

A small procmail/formail arrangement on the front end of the 
pipeline into Mailman should be able to compensate for the 
problem, in the latter case.

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