[Mailman-Users] confirms not being processed

Guy McArthur guym at guymcarthur.com
Fri Oct 13 23:25:13 CEST 2000

Hi Dan.

> The only subscribe file I know about is logs/subscribe, which is just a log;
> it's not processed per se.  Are you saying you see entries in there saying
> "....pending"?  Is there a ~mailman/data/pending_subscriptions.db, and if
> so, does bin/dumpdb show the things you expect in that file (the subscriptions
> you think are pending)?  I assume the email confirmation does get sent back to the
> address that's attempting to subscribe;  how are you replying to 
> the confirmation?  Does the confirmation reply show up anywhere (in the
> admin pages or anything)?  Is the confirmation reply going to <list>-request?
Yes on pending entries.
Yes the dumpdb shows the pending subs.
I've tried both ways of replying to the confirmation message (body or
subject) to no avail. Admin gets the confirmation request replies, and
that's the last, subscriber never gets a 'you have been subscribed'
Yes, the confirmation reply is going to <list>-request.
There are no pending admin requests or any indications on the web page.
The only thing amiss (I just noticed) is that the /pipermail/ alias
hasn't been created in apache.
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