[Mailman-Users] Q?: recipient's email address in msg footer

Boris Boruchovich boris at openair.com
Mon Oct 16 14:13:31 CEST 2000

Makes sense to me.  Thank you.


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boris at openair.com said:
> Is this something that is planned for future versions?  To make the
> modification to my local copy, where should I start looking?  Couldn't
> I just append some text just before the mail is sent?

Mailman sends out one copy of the message to a (large) number of 

To do what you want you need to make each message be sent to a single 
recipient.  This means for my 1000 member list, Mailman would inject 
1000 entries into the mail queue, rather than the few it does now 
(Mailman does split the outgoing set into chunks of subscribers, but 
its of the order of a hundred or more addresses per mail transaction 
rather than one).

Generating a mail transaction per recipient will have *serious* effects 
on the efficiency of the MTA subsystem (although some will be happier 
than others - qmail might like it), and certainly result in you 
temporarily using (list members) * (message size) spool space which 
would kill some systems.  In some cases it would also increase your 
outgoing delivery bandwidth requirements.

To implement this within Mailman would require a few changes to be made 
- maybe you could get away with adding a new mail injector, but I think 
that moving the footer generation would also be needed, requiring a 
fair bit of work.

You *could* potentially do this in the MTA although I consider it 
*very* bad policy to change mail bodies within the MTA - adding a per 
recipient header would be possible, at a cost of outgoing delivery 
aggregation being destroyed.

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