[Mailman-Users] integrating Mailman and slash?

Christopher Kolar ckolar at admin.aurora.edu
Mon Oct 16 16:10:38 CEST 2000

I recently received a questions from a person who is running a 
slash-based  site and who is interested in integrating Mailman into their 
site.  I am somewhat interested in the answer myself and they are not a 
list subscriber, so I am sending the question along.  Thanks in 
advance.  --chris

>I run a slash engine and want to intergrate the layout of my slash site
>with the mailman. So in slash I can use the <!-- include virtual
>.. directive to specify an include file. The files are of the type
>shtml. My question is if there is any way to make those include files
>work with mailman....
>well I would like to use mailman in first instance for people that wanna 
>subscribe to a mailing list... building up a sort of community...
>So I just want the archives and subscribing procedure in the same layout 
>as my site....

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