[Mailman-Users] Reply To All problem

Mike Noyes mhnoyes at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Oct 18 17:27:11 CEST 2000

I'm a new Mailmain (2.0beta5) admin for a project on SourceForge. I've read 
the FAQ, and Administration Guide. I looked at the list archive, but I 
couldn't find a search engine for it.

I have set replies to go to the list. Reply To works as expected, but Reply 
To All doesn't include the sender in the To field. This mailman-users list 
is working the way I want my list to. What configuration options do I need 
to change?

BTW, this is my first time administering a list, so if I omitted some 
necessary information let me know. Thanks.

Mike Noyes                    | Enhanced LRP
mhnoyes at users.sourceforge.net | @sourceforge.net

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