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Geoff Benn G.Benn at ftel.co.uk
Thu Oct 19 11:31:28 CEST 2000


I've just subscribed to the MailMan Users list. Please can someone
please help me with a couple of simple questions ?

1. Can users look at the archive and reply to what they see? (I assume
they'd have to be subscribed)

It seems that this is not possible ? Though just copying and pasting the
displayed subject, with a pre-pended "Re: " should do it, though you
then have to specify the destination. I was hoping for a single click
'Reply' to give the correct 'To' and 'Subject'...

I just browsed to a posting and hit 'Send Page...', I didn't get a 'To',
but the subject is almost right (needs "Re: "), and I get a URL to the
posting ... could be useful..., but no text body as per a 'reply'.

I've looked at the following which are not applicable (but useful to me
in question 2) :

     Via 'Copy link location' when looking at archive via Netscape,
     and paste into this email:


     While looking at a message, hit 'thread' and it takes you back
     to the threaded list at the right place to copy the link
     location, and hence paste something here:


     Only problem with these URLs is that the subject is lost,
     hence have to copy that by highlighting it, and paste it here

          ([Mailman-Users] question about reply to.   Roger
          B.A. Klorese )

     ie. like :

          ([Mailman-Users] fixing the reply-to bug.   Rob
          Martin )

2. Can I assume that using URLs as above is not a feature of the
particular mailman-users archive, but is possible with the basic MailMan

3. Does MailMan handle the hyperlinks above ...

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