[Mailman-Users] how to change MM-Archive when externally archiving lists under virtual domains

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Fri Oct 20 18:21:32 CEST 2000

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000 20:43:34 -0700 
Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui at plaidworks.com> wrote:

> At 9:33 PM -0400 10/19/00, Alex Aminoff wrote:
>> I want to use an external archiving program (in this case
>> PRIVATE_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER to appropriate strings in mm_cfg.py,
>> but that only sets the default.

> I worked with thsoe for a while, and finally decided to create a
> mail alias for MHonarc and subscribe it to the list. I just never
> got it working the way I wanted.

I do similarly, tho for different reasons.  The mail that Mailman
passes off to the archiver (be it internal or external) is not the
same as the mail it sends to subscribers in that some of the header
munging, fotter adding etc hasn't happened yet.  I didn't like this
as I specifically wanted my archives to represent what my users saw.

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