[Mailman-Users] Mailman has serious problems. (Beta6) [repeated mail delivery]

Simon Coggins simon at uow.edu.au
Mon Oct 23 13:25:01 CEST 2000

Since my last post regarding this, I've had little response regarding
possible problems. Those replies I did get suggested permission problems and
a problem with qrunner. I've ruled both of these out. Every day now i get a
mail loop and tonight it caused 1 (moderated) message to be delivered 10
times to a list with over 700 people on it. That isn't good.

I wrote a wrapper script for qrunner to make sure it was locking properly
and the problem persisted. I made sure all files were always owned in qfiles
 by mailman and the problem persisted. I'm out of ideas and patients. I
cannot use mailman in a production environment without it causes *BIG*

I hope someone finds this problem and fixes it as I won't be recommending
mailman until it is. As for my lists, I have to move them back to majordomo.

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