[Mailman-Users] more than one group for cgi?

Jeff Maxwell jeff at crossvalley.com
Mon Oct 23 19:17:08 CEST 2000

I have installed mailman but, I am running into a problem with its operation.

When I use the web interface it changes the ownership of the lists 
config.dbs to nobody which is the group that I used to run the 
configure script. (it is the group apache runs in on my machine.) 
After the config.dbs are changed by using the web interface I can 
only get mail to work by changing the ownership back to mailman.

Would using both groups in the configure script solve this problem?
The docs say this can be done, but what is the proper syntax for 
using to groups with (--with-cgi-gid=) ?
Jeff Maxwell
jeff at crossvalley.com

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