[Mailman-Users] config.db ownership ?

Jeff Maxwell jeff at crossvalley.com
Wed Oct 25 05:29:48 CEST 2000

When I use the web pages to view or change the config.db of a test 
list I made, the ownership changes from mailman to nobody. If I use 
the command line it seems to work fine.

my system is slackware 7.1, Python 2.0, Mailman 2.0rc1

I compiled Mailman ./configure --perfix=/usr/local/mailman 
--with-mail-gid=2 --with-cgi-gid=98

My system is running sendmail and it is at gid=2, my apache is 
running at gid=98

With this setup every time I use the web page I can see the ownership 
of the config.dbs change to nobody, I'm assuming that is because that 
is the use for apache. After that I get an error saying that 
[Errno13] Permission denied '/usr/local/mailman.lists/test/config.db' 
this make sense because the file config.db is no longer owned by 

The only way I was able to get mailman running was to reinstall it 
with the --with-username=nobody tag in the ./configure
and to change the ownership of all files to nobody.mailman

Is'nt the tag --with-cgi-gid= supposed to make it possible to have 
differnt users for the webserver and mailman?

Jeff Maxwell
jeff at crossvalley.com

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