[Mailman-Users] udmsearch question

Nick Marouf marouni at earlham.edu
Thu Oct 26 00:41:19 CEST 2000

Hi all,
	I am  posting this to this mailing list because many of you might be
already using udmsearch and I am hoping on getting some help.

the setup I have is as follows,
	in udm search config I set it to index www.earlham.edu/archive
and that does the public archives just fine. 

	so for private mailing lists I set it to index
and that won't work because it asks for a listname. If I put a list
name, (time comsuming for many lists) I am stuck with username and
passwd. there is a way in udmsearch to authenticate using AuthBasic but
that is not working with mailman. 

I though that I could do an apache ScriptAlias so that I can get to the
private index list  with something like
www.earlham.edu/privatearchives/  this would work to index pages in
udmsearch. But I don't want those archives public, so I put a htaccess
passwd on it. and I can use the udmsearch capabilites to authenticate
with htaccess.

so now udm search lists the urls it found as 


I click on it, is asks for the htaccess passwd. And that won't work for

Is there a way to make www.earlham.edu/mailman/private/  list all the
or if I am taking a very bad approach to this. Please let me know.

Thanks a lot for any help


Nicholas Marouf || Earlham College || Assistant System Administrator.

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