[Mailman-Users] the list admin overview page

Carl Sweetland carl at sweetlands.com
Thu Oct 26 05:55:34 CEST 2000

Thanks... I was talking about mailman/listinfo.  I found the error.
Defaults.py has the trailing /, but it is also defined in mm_cfg.py...that
reference to DEFAULT_URL was missing the /.

Again,  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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> > I just updated my server from 1.1 to 2 Orc.1 and everything
> went fine...I
> > think.
> >
> > However if I click on <the list admin overview page> the link points to
> > /admin/ instead of /mailman/admin/.  If I type it in it works.
> Where is the
> > main page generated from so I can edit this?
> 1) what is "the main page"?  mailman/listinfo, you mean?  In my page
> that link points to an absolute path to DEFAULT_URL/admin.  That gets
> to a page titled "<hostname> mailing lists - Admin Links".
> In any event, if you're talking about listinfo, it's generated
> by the listinfo script, which ends up calling listinfo.py
> in Mailman/Cgi.
> Note that DEFAULT_URL must have a trailing / to make that work right.
> Check that first.
> 2) try lookng at the source of the generated page (listinfo, if
> that's what we're talking about) to make sure you know what the link
> text really is.  It might be wrong, but the way it shows up in the
> status line or in the destination URL isn't necessarily exactly
> what's in the page.

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