[Mailman-Users] Mailman not mailing, man

Harold Paulson haroldp at internal.org
Fri Oct 27 07:24:39 CEST 2000


My Mailman install hasn't posted an email to any lists in 12 hours.  If I
subscribe a user though the admin console, it sends out an email ok. but
posting to any os the lists fails.  The emails just build up in
~/qfiles.  I have tried every silly trick I could think of including:

	Updating to Mailman 2.0rc1
	Updating to Python 2.0

My server is running:

	FreeBSD 4.1.1-STABLE
	Sendmail 8.11.1
Only weird thing in ~/logs is qrunner says something like:

Oct 26 22:22:02 2000 (31904) Could not acquire qrunner lock

twice per minute.  deleteing the contents of ~/locks had no effect.  
crontab looks good, btw.

Any ideas at all?

	- H

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