[Mailman-Users] RC1 Seems to work but incoming mails are ignored

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Fri Oct 27 10:02:03 CEST 2000

Andreas Gruener wrote:

> cool answer - am I supposed to grep for cron (I suppose you're talking
> about the schedule daemon) in all faqs, readme, and docs, or is this
> some kind of riddle.
> I'd really appreciate a little bit more details...

    I'd hate to sound like an asshole here, but, if you read the documents,
you'd know what he was referring to.  Mailman is well documented, but if you
don't bother reading the manual, the install file, readme file, or anything
else related to Mailman that actually tells you, step by step, on how to set it
up and get it working, I'm afraid you're going to continue getting answers like

    So, let me give you a bit more detail about this mysterious 'cron' Dan Mick
suggested:  READ THE FINE MANUAL!  (I prefer not to be rude folks)

    You're not supposed to be grepping for anything.  However, you are supposed
to help yourself in reading AT LEAST the INSTALL file that comes with Mailman.
Is that asking too much?  It's not like we're asking you to read a 600+ page
manual.  Someone actually went out of their way to write that INSTALL file,
which guides you step by step, on how you should install Mailman, INCLUDING the
cron task.  Think of how they feel when people like yourself start posting
questions that are well explained in their documentation.  Hell, for that
matter, put yourself in their shoes.  You write an instructions page, and
people just ignore it.  How would that make you feel?


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