[Mailman-Users] mailman not creating html archives

Robert Watt watt at collab.net
Tue Oct 31 01:51:06 CET 2000

I am trying to transfer mailman from one server to another. I've done a
fairly vanilla install, and all components of mailman are working except
html archives. No matter what I do, I can't get them to start. No errors
are generated in the logs. The .mbox archives are working fine. In my
Defaults.py file I have the following line:


which should enable html archives. both servers have the same config as
far as I can tell. The only difference is that one is running qmail, and
the other postfix (although I can't see how that could be related to the
problem). All of the lists I've set up have the archiving options set the
same as on the old server (basically - public archives, monthly frequency,
local archiving, etc).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Rob Watt
System Administrator
CollabNet NY
212-414-4212 x113

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