[Mailman-Users] MIME attachments again.

Fil fil at bok.net
Tue Oct 31 15:38:53 CET 2000

You probably need to install the package named libhtml-format-perl that is
used by the demime script.

However be aware that demime munges all non-ascii characters such as
accentuated letters.

* Eduardo Jacob (jtpjatae at bi.ehu.es) écrivait :
> At 06:11 31/10/00, you wrote:
> >foo:"| /usr/local/etc/demime.pl - |/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post foo"
>          The problem is that with this, line, smrsh as shipped in RH 
> 6.1,complains and doesn't let you execute this line. Do you have an idea of 
> how to fix it?, perhaps a shell script?

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