[Mailman-Users] Weird digest problem

Bob Puff@NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Tue Oct 31 18:54:16 CET 2000


On one of my active lists today, I saw the following happen:

At 12:01PM, It sent out a digest (both plain and mime to the appropriate addresses), saying there were 93 messages in the digest.

Both the plain and mime digests had messages 1-64, and ended in the middle of message 64 without the footer being inserted.

At 12:08PM, two more digests went out, but with no headers and messed up subject lines, which contained messages 65-89.  Again, no footer, but message #89 looked like it was at the end.

I am missing numbers 90-93.

Note I said I got two digests.  One was the plain version, the second looked like the mime version, yet in text.. It had headers for each message, but it was not HTML... This is very bizzare!

What might cause this?  Is there any magical byte count that when the digest hits, it splits?


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