[Mailman-Users] List not showing up?

Kevin Carpenter kevinc at lynn.seaplace.org
Fri Sep 1 20:25:08 CEST 2000

Hi all -

I've been running Mailman 1.1 for half a year or so under Linux.  I recently
spot checked the public display (www.xyz.com/mailman/listinfo) and discovered
to my horror that my one private list was showing and that none of the public
list were showing.

I checked the private list via the admin screens and somehow it had been
marked public.  All the public list are marked public (via the privacy

Any idea why they wouldn't be showing up?
Kevin Carpenter:  KevinC at SeaPlace.org
Kevin's Home Page: http://www.seaplace.org/kevinc
(Expressing his comments from home in St. Louis, where this message originated)

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