[Mailman-Users] Welcome for read-only lists?

Don Porter dgporter at erols.com
Mon Sep 4 07:36:33 CEST 2000

I want to create a list where only a few people have permission to post
messages.  Most subscribers see the list as "read-only".  This is useful
for broadcasting announcements.

The Privacy Options can be set to accomplish this (almost).  Good.

The "Using <list>" section of the default general list info page invites
people to post messages to the list.  Bad.  But Mailman let's me edit
the HTML of that page, so I can correct that problem.  OK.

However, the default welcome e-mail message sent out when someone is
subscribed to the list also contains instructions inviting subscribers
to post messages to the list.  Bad.  And unless I've overlooked it, I
don't see a way short of diving into the source code to edit the default
welcome message instructions.  I am limited to writing a new preface for
that message.  Still bad.

I really don't want any text anywhere seen by subscribers inviting them
to post to the list.  These messages are not allowed, and will only
burden the list administrator.

I guess that raises another question.  Is there a setting available
which will simply reject all messages from an non-approved source,
rather than holding them for the administrator to reject by hand?

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