[Mailman-Users] Mailman b5 lockup

Ron Jarrell jarrell at vt.edu
Tue Sep 5 09:35:26 CEST 2000

At 08:46 AM 9/5/00 +0200, Zeljko Vrba wrote:
>Temporary solution is to disable delivery to people which are subscribed from
>broken domains; however with 80 lists this is tedious, slow and error-prone.
>Now I'm going to dig into the sources and possibly implement a timeout when
>communicating with sendmail.
>The best solution would be that qrunner remebers broken domains: that way it
>would only wait for the first message to such a domain; for other messages it
>wouldn't even try delivery (in one run). So the "lockup" wouldn't last Q*3min
>(Q is the total number of people from broken domains), but only D*3min (the
>number of different broken domains). In my case Q > 20, D=2.

The *correct* solution it adjust your *sendmail* timeouts to match what you want
it to do.  Sendmail can be told to remember broken domains, and all of that.
Never force the mail list manager to do what the MTA is supposed to do;
conversely, don't complain to the mailing list manager if the MTA isn't configured right.
There's about 80 gazillion timeout settings in sendmail, all of which default to Big Numbers
if you don't tweak them; and it also defaults to dns validating every address it's given.
If your sendmail usage doesn't match that profile, adjust sendmail!  That's why there's
all those knobs and dials on the box.  Heck, 8.11.0 has *6* separate resolver timeouts.
You also want to look at nocanonify, and be sure you aren't basing your relay rules
on hostname lookups.
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