[Mailman-Users] list_members?

Leonardo Rochael Almeida lra at insite.com.br
Wed Sep 6 23:29:51 CEST 2000

On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Ron Jarrell wrote:

> Ok, I built a patch for list_members to accept u/l case listnames (all
> of 2 lines. It'd have been 1 line, but we weren't using the string
> library yet!), and filed a bug report against it.  Dunno if Barry will
> pick it up for 2.0 final (or beta 6, if he thinks we need one.)  It's
> pretty minor, and I think we're in the "it better be bleeding" stage
> of the betas, since the only reason 2.0 isn't out yet is python 2.0 is
> sucking up all his time.

It could've been 1 line if mailman required python 1.6 or greater, so that
it could use string methods. :-/

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