[Mailman-Users] archive trouble: spotty html but good mboxes

Tim Pepper tpepper at opensales.com
Sat Sep 9 04:07:24 CEST 2000

I finally got past my various issues with mailman and qmail and started
testing to see if the beta5 was going to archive better than beta3 on our
problem machine.

I created a nasty little script as follows:

declare -i seq_num=0
while [ ${seq_num} -lt 5 ]; do
	echo 'foo' | mail -s ${seq_num} test1 at testbox.test.com
	echo 'foo' | mail -s ${seq_num} test2 at testbox.test.com

So in short order 10 messages hit mailman.  All were sent on to the lists and
all make it to the list archive mboxes.  But the html generated for
author|date|subject|thread.html isn't correct.  Actually subject.html does
correctly include all five emails for each list, but each of the other html
documents only includes a few of the five messages for each list.

I can run the script a few times and the number that make it to the
author|date|thread.html files varies, but regardless of whether two or three
do, it is the same two or three being shown in each of those.  The
subject.html remains correct.

This is an improvement over beta3 in that the stuff is at least hitting the
archive mbox and being shown in at least some of the html generated, and I
must admit this script isn't at all realistic compared to the load seen by our
production server in terms of timing.

Should I just look at something other than pipermail for archiving?  Is there
a document describing how to integrate other archivers with mailman?  Thanks
in advance for any info!


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