[Mailman-Users] Tip of the day (Python Mailbox class needs 'From <addr> <timestamp>' line

Erik Forsberg forsberg at lysator.liu.se
Sun Sep 10 17:34:36 CEST 2000


I have a mailman installation that shares the basic principle of the
setup found in the Exim HOWTO, but with the difference that I'm running

I had the problem that Mailman didn't generate any HTML archives which
was very odd since it did generate *.mbox-files. After some heavy
debugging of the source I found out that the Mailbox class of Python
want's each mail to start with 'From <address> <timestamp>'. That's
kind of natural since that's in the "standard" that defines the mbox
format.. If the line's not there , it won't find any mails and of
course that means no mails will be HTML-archived.

My problem was of course an error from my side. I forgot to add a flag
to my setup that tells Postfix to generate a 'From ...' line. 

Since this problem was really weird, I just thought I should share the
wisdom I gained when I solved it. Perhaps it should be mentioned in
the docs.

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