[Mailman-Users] Don't you love new users?

Jeff Shultz jeff at shultzinfosystems.com
Wed Sep 13 08:34:52 CEST 2000

Okay... wierd things. I think I may have gotten past the Postfix
problem... for some reason it wanted gid = 99, so I gave it 99. Who am
I to argue? 

The problem is now, when I try to acknowledge membership in a list, or
run anything remotely through e-mail, nothing happens. Well, at least
nothing I can see from the outside. However, I stumbled across a set of
entries in the syslog which seem to correspond with each of my attempts
- I pushed a couple to make sure:
Sep 12 23:12:54 taz automount[547]: attempting to mount entry
Sep 12 23:12:54 taz automount[3155]: lookup(file): looking up
Sep 12 23:12:54 taz automount[3155]: lookup for .directory failed

Anyone know why the wrappers/python programs are trying to access a
file that doesn't exist in /misc ? 

Jeff Shultz
Shultz Infosystems

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