[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.0 beta 5 RPM?

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Thu Sep 14 19:35:57 CEST 2000

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> From: Wayne Ringling [mailto:WayneR at STROSNIDERS.com]
>  Is there a RPM build of Mailman 2.0 beta 5, also has anyone 
> tested Mailman
> 2.0 on a RH 7.0 system.

Yeah, there is an RPM for that.  It's part of the RawHide Powertools.  I
haven't found any mirrors, so I use rawhide.redhat.com.  Just look in the
powertools directory and download it.  The RPMs there are using RPM4, so
they've been testing on RH 7 beta, if anywhere.

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