[Mailman-Users] Another bug in Mailman

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at mallorn.com
Mon Sep 18 09:11:38 CEST 2000

> If there is a single dot on the line, Mailman does not deliver the rest
> of the message (beta5).

Sounds like a sendmail misconfiguration.  Look at the "IgnoreDots" 
options or the -oi commandline option.

> Also, could someone tell me what does exit value 67 from sendmail mean?
> Mailman redelivers messages when sendmail returns 67, however those messages
> are already delivered. The result is that all members get duplicate messages
> every minute. (I'm using Sendmail method instead SMTPDirect). I had to patch
> up the code not to redeliver messages when it gets 67.

Take a look at /usr/include/sysexits.h on your system.  It lists all of
the standard exit codes for programs.  On a Linux 2.0.35 system I

   #define EX_NOUSER       67      /* addressee unknown */
And further up:

   *      EX_NOUSER -- The user specified did not exist.  This might
   *              be used for mail addresses or remote logins.

Are you sure sendmail is returning a 67, or is it your local delivery

> After this line there is a single dot on a line and more text.
> .
> Text, text....



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