[Mailman-Users] Syncing passwords over mailinglists

Gerhard den Hollander gerhard at jason.nl
Tue Sep 19 08:48:55 CEST 2000

> Apologies is this is a duplicate ,
> I didn't receive a confirmation that this one made it to the list 
> (and yes, I did turn the confirmation on ;) )

> Situation:

> I maintain (with mailman) a number (20-ish going to be 100-ish)
> mailinglists for our internal users.

> When I create a new mailinglist I usually add a number of users

> This means that these users get yet another default mailman passwd.

> What I want is to synchronise all user:passwd combinations over all the
> lists.

> e.g. currently I have

> List 1  (user:passwd)
>         A:asdf
>         B:sdfg
>         C:dfgh

> List 2
>         A:erty
>         C:rtyu
>         D:ytur

> List 3
>         A:lkjh
>         D:moiu

> What I want is someway to get this to be

> List 1  (user:passwd)
>         A:asdf
>         B:sdfg
>         C:dfgh

> List 2
>         A:asdf
>         C:dfgh
>         D:ytur

> List 3
>         A:asdf
>         D:ytur

> Unfortunately I have 0 experience in programming python.
> I looked through the clone_member program in the bin directory and it
> looks like what I want is indeed possible provided I know enough python.

> If some kind soul could give me 2 scripts
> 1 : that lists (given a mailinglist) all users and passwords
> and
> 2 : that given a mailinglist, and a list of username/passwords
>         sets the password for the listed user to be the one listed in that
>         file.

> than I would already be fuly helped.

> Of course, ideally someone else has already bumped into this problem and
> solved it the python way, in which case I'd be very grateful for this
> program.

> Thanks in advance 

> (and I guess this goes whitout saying on this list,
>  but apart from the above, Im pretty impressed with mailman)

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