[Mailman-Users] Postponing delivery.

Zeljko Vrba zvrba at iskon.hr
Tue Sep 19 09:08:14 CEST 2000

On Tue, Sep 19, 2000 at 11:14:05AM +1100, Stewart James -Stootles- wrote:
> Greets,
> I have a small problem with a mailling list that I would like to get
> switched over to use mailman.

My sincere advice: DON'T switch to Mailman. It is beta, and it is unusable
for production: it can't handle lists with < 100 addresses. They are trying
to implement their own queuing instead on relying on MTA. The MTA interface
is buggy. The net result are late messages (delayed by several hours), 
duplicate messages, tons of errors in sendmail logs etc.

Now the most of my (and other sysadmins') time (what could be productive) is
spent checking whether mailman works, has blocked,
manually removing messages from its queue etc. We are seriously considering
switching back to Majordomo. Maybe it doesn't have nice Web interface, but
it _never_ has made such problems as Mailman.

Most answers I get from this mailing list are of the style `sendmail
misconfiguration'. Except that sendmail works with >30000 users, never
makes any problems and all users regularly get their mail. And it has worked
OK with Majordomo in its current configuration.

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