[Mailman-Users] Again cascading Re. Question

Thomas Gross thomas at tgross.net
Tue Sep 19 15:55:04 CEST 2000


i think i tracked down the Problem with the cascading Re:s i mentioned
erlier today. In the Subject line were some non US-ASCII characters.
Most MUA will prepend the Charset encoding to such Subject lines. After
this Mailman cannot find the leading Re: anymore. 

Is this a know bug? Are there any Solutions to this?

Here is the offending Subject again. This time not from my MUA but from
the Archive of the Mailinglist.

[Nasen] =?iso-8859-1?Q?RE=3A_=5BNasen=5D_Re=3A_=5BNasen=5D_RE=3A_=5BNa?=

Pretty unreadle! 

Could you please reply personally to me in addition to the list,
because i'm not currently subscribed.


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