[Mailman-Users] Retrieving moderator password

Thomas Gramstad thomas at ifi.uio.no
Thu Sep 21 17:10:33 CEST 2000

> > > Well, at least on mailman 1.x (which is what I use) there is only one
> > > list admin password, so your password would be the same as his.
> > 
> > Uh...
> > So if I have 25 lists (which I do), and I have a co-moderator on ONE
> > of them, then he has actually in reality become a list-owner of ALL
> > my lists!?  
> What?
> If you're a "co-moderator", and there's only one password for that
> list which you co-moderate, then clearly you have that one password
> or the site password, yes?
> If you have the one password, tell him.
> If you have the site password, change the list password.
> What's the issue?

The issue is that:

1. I want him to be a co-moderator of ONE list, not all of them.
2. I want to have the same admin password for all my lists, not
   25 individual separate passwords, and that's what the system
   is set up to give me.
3. I want him to have his own password, not my password.

Are you saying that:

1. What I have is "the site password" (whatever that means)
2. I can use this as a list password
3. I can also use it to create a list password which I then give
   to him as his individual password (though I could also use it
   as an admin password)

Is that what you are saying?

Thomas Gramstad
thomas at ifi.uio.no

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