[Mailman-Users] Re: Retrieving moderator password

Thomas Gramstad thomas at ifi.uio.no
Thu Sep 21 19:26:03 CEST 2000

>> Are you saying that:
>> 1. What I have is "the site password" (whatever that means)
>> 2. I can use this as a list password
>> 3. I can also use it to create a list password which I then give
>>    to him as his individual password (though I could also use it
>>    as an admin password)

> I don't know what password it is that you're speaking of, but your
> Mailman installation has:
> 1. A site password that gives you access to any list or any individual
>    subscription;
> 2. Admin ("moderator") passwords, one per list;
> 3. One password per user subscription.
> If you installed the Mailman software,

No, I didn't

> then the password you typed in when you run mm_site_pass is the
> site password.
> The word you type in when you create a list is the list ("admin" or
> "moderator") password.

The procedure for creating a new list here is that when I create a
list I send a message to the computer staff and ask them to create
the new list.  They create it, and I get a message from Mailman that
I'm the list-owner and that I already have an admin password for
Mailman and this admin-password is the same for all my lists.

> The word that is auto-generated when a person subscribes is their
> subscriber password.
> Now, you tell us what you have, and whether there's a problem.  I
> suspect this is all a confusion of terminology.

>> 1. I want him to be a co-moderator of ONE list, not all of them.

> Give him that list's admin password.

>> 2. I want to have the same admin password for all my lists, not
>>    25 individual separate passwords, and that's what the system
>>    is set up to give me.

> When you speak of "my lists", are you talking about all the
> lists on your server,

No, only the subset of lists that I'm moderator for.

> or of all the lists that you created on some arbitrary server?
> If the former, then you're fine.  You keep the site password,
> don't tell him, and you don't need to worry about the list admin
> passwords.  I know about 2 list-admin passwords for the 600-odd
> lists I have on my server, but I control them all through the
> site pass.

So the site password has two functions: it allows you to create
or change list passwords, and it can also be used itself as a
list password on any list?

Thomas Gramstad
thomas at ifi.uio.no

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