[Mailman-Users] Re: Retrieving moderator password

Leonardo Rochael Almeida lra at insite.com.br
Thu Sep 21 20:41:47 CEST 2000


On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Thomas Gramstad wrote:

> The procedure for creating a new list here is that when I create a
> list I send a message to the computer staff and ask them to create
> the new list.  They create it, and I get a message from Mailman that
> I'm the list-owner and that I already have an admin password for
> Mailman and this admin-password is the same for all my lists.

If the message you receive is something in the lines:
"The mailing list `listname' has just been created for you. (...snip...)
Your mailing list password is the same as the one in your other mailing
lists." then either it was not Mailman who sent you the message or it was
a very hacked up version of Mailman and we would really apreciate if you
could convince your computer staff to send us the changes.

On the other hand if the message looks like:
"The mailing list `listname' has just been created for you. (...snip...) 
Your mailing list password is:

where xxxx is the same password you have for other lists, then
you need to smack your computer staff up in the head for using the same
password when creating all the lists (or at least all the lists they
create for you), because (and let me speak this really slow): "Each
list has only one password" (at least on the Mailman that can be found on

> > [...] I know about 2 list-admin passwords for the 600-odd
> > lists I have on my server, but I control them all through the
> > site pass.
> So the site password has two functions: it allows you to create
> or change list passwords, and it can also be used itself as a
> list password on any list?

No. The site password has only one function. To work everywhere a password
is needed as if it was the intended password. Specifically:

1. at the "list Administrative Authentication" page (where it asks only
for a password, not a user/pass combo, so multiple passwords would make
for a very weak authentication scheme, not that the one already in place
is particularly strong...), and in the "Enter current password:" field at
the "To Change The Administrator Password" form at the botton of the
"General Options" page.

2. at the user configuration page, in any of the "Password" or "Old
Password" fields as if it was the user password. That page you can access
by typing a subscribed e-mail address at the bottom of the "listinfo" page
for the list.

The list password, bessides working at #1 above, also works at #2 above,
like it was the user password.

So, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude, but either you get over
your denial phase, change the list password and give the new one to your
co-moderator (and keep it around for when you need to operate that list
because it is the only one you've got), or you go talk to your computer
staff about your problem because we can't help you if you won't believe

Regards, Leo

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