[Mailman-Users] Strange cookie problem with Mailman version2.0 Beta2

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Sun Sep 24 02:46:01 CEST 2000

I've seen at least one more user having the same problem that I do.

Here is the situation.
When I try to connect to a list configuration applet, I am asked to
authenticate myself. WHen I do that, I am returned a page, however, after I
make some changes to it and submit my changes back to the server, I am asked
for authentication again and no changes are applied. All other cookie
transactions with other websites work with no problems. I am running
WIndows98 Second Edition. WHen I tried to access list configuration from
Lynx on a Unix machine, everything works fine. here iswhat I did afterwards:
I installed the console version of Lynx onto my WIndows machine. However,
this client could not pick cookie from Mailman, while it could pick
upcookies from otherwebsites. It suggested to me that perhaps there is
something wrong with WIndows TCP/IP because Console Lynx access WIndows
resources to access websites.

Do any of you have suggestions?

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