[Mailman-Users] HTML links broken in 'listinfo' and 'admin' pages

Shane Y. Gibson sgibson at digitalimpact.com
Wed Sep 27 21:04:28 CEST 2000


I just upgraded from 2.0beta4 to 2.0beta6.  Upgrade seems
to have gone well, with one small exception.  

In the overview listinfo page, the link to the Admin
pages now points to:


as opposed to what it used to be, and should be:


The flip side is the admin pages which has a link back to the
listinfo pages, has the same problem, the link is /listinfo
instead of the old working /mailman/listinfo

Has anyone else seen this?  If so what's the procedure to fix?

I've spent the last hour and half digging through the mailman 
install trying to find the HTML code that generates this, and
haven't been able to.


Shane Y. Gibson                     
sgibson at digitalimpact.com
Network Architect

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