[Mailman-Users] HTML links broken in 'listinfo' and 'admin' pages

Shane Y. Gibson sgibson at digital-impact.com
Thu Sep 28 00:56:43 CEST 2000

I did check that earlier.  It is set to the appropriate:


that it used to point to.  When I check the source of the
HTML code, it builds the URL with a relative link of:


Which steps back one too many levels.

Fun.  Note:  Manually fixing the URL takes the user to
the right pages, which seem to work fine.  It's just the
URL gets build incorrectly from the admin and listinfo
web pages.


Quoting Dan Mick at Wed Sep 27 13:37:39 2000:
> "Shane Y. Gibson" wrote:
> > In the overview listinfo page, the link to the Admin
> > pages now points to:
> > 
> >         http://host.domain.com:port/admin
> > 
> > as opposed to what it used to be, and should be:
> > 
> >         http://host.domain.com:port/mailman/admin
> > 
> > The flip side is the admin pages which has a link back to the
> > listinfo pages, has the same problem, the link is /listinfo
> > instead of the old working /mailman/listinfo
> > 
> > Has anyone else seen this?  If so what's the procedure to fix?
> > 
> > I've spent the last hour and half digging through the mailman
> > install trying to find the HTML code that generates this, and
> > haven't been able to.
> Seems like it might be related to mm_cfg.DEFAULT_URL; what's that set to?

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