[Mailman-Users] Multiple domain lists

Silk chris at gwydion.net
Thu Sep 28 12:22:07 CEST 2000


Feel free to rtfm me if I'm being idiotic here, and have missed
something obvious but:

How does one configure mail lists in mailman under multiple domains
all vhosted on one box?

eg: I have an ip address and I only have one.
I have domain foo.com which is the 'actual' domain name
of the box, and when I apt-get install mailman it configures
for that domain.

I have another domain, bar.com, which has an Apache vhost properly
configured etc, and all that. Exim will handle mail for bar.com.

How to I make mailman establish the list fubar at bar.com?


Chris Naden - chris at gwydion dot net

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