[Mailman-Users] setup problem.

Matthew Dickinson matt at mattd.org
Thu Sep 28 15:24:41 CEST 2000


i'm running Redhat 6.2 and using postfix instead of sendmail, and i've got
postfix running nicely (well i think so at least). I've installed mailman,
and have managed to create a list called test (as per the install
instructions) to test it. It sends me an email fine when i create the
list, but when i send a mail to the list this is what happens (see exerpt
of /var/log/maillog)

Sep 27 23:52:16 bulldog
postfix/local[20333]: B15AD13AEC2: to=<test at pdcompsys.com>, relay=local,
delay=1, status=sent ("|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post test")

that's it, no mail gets sent out again. Is it because i'm only the list
administrator, and not actually a list member? or am i missing something
else here?


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