[Mailman-Users] help required

Matt Dickinson matt at mattd.org
Thu Sep 28 23:23:59 CEST 2000


I posted earlier about a problem i wasn't getting to grips with, i'm running
redhat 6.2, postfix, and 2.0beta5, or rather i'm trying to run it.

i've got it installed, with what i believe to be the correct GID/UID
options, or so i think....

when i try and mail the list "test" from pine, this is what happens.

Sep 27 23:52:16 bulldog postfix/local[20333]: B15AD13AEC2:
to=<test at pdcompsys.com>, relay=local,
delay=1, status=sent ("|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post test")

that's it, nothing else gets done.

However, if i su to mailman, and using the command line do something like

echo "foo" | /home/mailman/mail/wrapper post test

then it does "work" in the way that mailman sends mails.

But... it misforms the domain it sends to

for example

Sep 28 22:21:02 bulldog postfix/qmgr[32604]: 34FD913AEC2:
to=<test-admin at .pdcompsys.com>, relay=none, delay=0, status=bounced (bad
host/domain syntax: ".pdcompsys.com")

is what it does, it for some reason put a "." in front of the domain name,
i've been thru the aliases file, and i don't know why...

Anyone got any ideas at all? i'm rather stuck, coz it doesn't wanna work if
postfix mails things, only doing it manually, and it also mangels the domain



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